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Eyelid: Privacy for Timbuktu Users

August 5, 2000 – James Sentman is proud to announce Eyelid: Privacy for
Timbuktu users.

Eyelid waits for you to log onto your Mac via Timbuktu and then dims the
screen on the remote Mac to keep your work from prying eyes. You no longer
have to worry when reading your email or other private documents that
someone will happen by and see your screen. Eyelid restores the screen to
normal after you log off.

Eyelid requires MacOS 8 or better and Timbuktu on a PPC Mac. It is $20 USD
shareware. For more information or to download the program please visit the
Eyelid homepage at:

About James Sentman

James Sentman has been providing the world wide web with database and
website CGI programming on UNIX and Mac platforms for the last 7 years. In
the more recent past he has begun developing Mac shareware with a special
emphasis on software for the modern inter-networked environment. For more
Mac shareware and contact information please visit:

Thank you,
James Sentman (

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