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vServe 1.1

From: Aaron Bratcher (
Subject: [ANN] vServe 1.1 now Available

Changes from version 1.0:
– Fixed Bug, so it now actually works
– Valentina type vObjectPtr now supported
(Only Valentina field type ssupported)
– PRIMARY KEY and KEY supported

– INSERT … SELECT now supported
– INSERT VALUES… (no dest columns) now supported

* New Commands available to client
– Drop Cursor
– Get LastRecID (get RecID of last INSERTed record)

vServe is FREE with the purchase of db Reports until August 31, 2000.
After that it is $99.

Full Description: Program for REALbasic developers that allows them
to share Valentina databases among multiple clients. Allows use of
standard SQL commands not normally available with Valentina. Tested
on Macintosh. Demo includes a sample client application and database.
Server will quit after 2 hours of use. Full source given with

Download demo here:

— Aaron

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