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Mac Coder 2.4

August 3rd 2000
PineHill Products
Rochester, NY

Mac Coder 2.4 is available today, with many new features for C or C++
coders, and text editors. Mac Coder has features for two people; text
editors, since it has over 15+ text options; and C or C++ programmers,
since it has over 12+ coding options.

With all of the usual features of a text editor such as font, size, style,
color, export, print, text statistics, go to line, and much more, and all
of the features of a C/C++ source code editor such as toolbox init, show
window, 11 code inserts of commonly used code, export to CodeWarrior,
project templates, and much more, this is an application that makes
everyone happy, and it won’t hurt your wallet either!

Grab your copy today for only $14.95! Download Mac Coder and get
registering info at:

Justin Christie
PineHill Products

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