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CreativePage 2.0

August 3rd 2000
PineHill Products
Rochester, NY

CreativePage 2.0 is available today, adding many new features that all HTML
coders want. With CreativePage, making web sites is a snap, because of its
25+ built-in assistants and many formatting and style options. Just choose
what you want and CreativePage will add the correct HTML for you.

When making a new page, simply fill out the title, document type, and some
meta tag fields, and CreativePage will open a new editing window and add
all of the HTML code for you!

Done with your web site? Choose Create page from the file menu and
CreativePage will export your web site into 5 different application types,
including Internet Explorer, Netscape, BBEdit, and much more.

CreativePage also packs many other features to help you code more
efficiently, including AutoSave, Backup, Tag auto-fill, Code indenting,
Syntax coloring, and much more!

Grab your copy today for only $19.95! Download CreativePage and get
registering info at:

Justin Christie
PineHill Products

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