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Tri-BACKUP 2.12


This version of our backup utility add improved compression (faster,
smaller), calculate backup size, new compress/uncompress features, drag and
drop (exclusions), …

We are very proud to announce the new version of our Tri-BACKUP software
for Macintosh.

This product is a easy-to-use backup utility, with automatic and periodic
Mirror and Incremental backup, and synchronization capabilities.

This version add new features:
– improved compression, widely faster with smaller files.
– independent compression, to compress and uncompress files and folders
dragged from the Desktop.
– calculate backup size: gives the size and number of files matching the
backup settings.
– Drag-drop exclusions: now, items can be added in the exclusion list by
simply drag and drop them.

– “Log File” (list of copied files).
– Drag and Drop to set Origin and Destination folders,
– etc…

A demo version is available.

The version is for on line purchase, upgrade and demo. The upgrade is free
for all previous version 2 users.

Availability and price:

Tri-BACKUP is available in both english and french versions, for Macintosh.

By downloading Tri-BACKUP now, users can take advantage of our special
price of US$ 49.

The last version can be downloaded at:


TRI-EDRE 22 place de l’Eglise BP111 83510 LORGUES (FRANCE)
Phone: (33) 04 98 10 10 50 Fax: (33) 04 98 10 10 55
Email: Web site:

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