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PowerBook/iBook High Capacity 30 Gb & 20 Gb Drives

New High Capacity 30 Gb & 20 Gb Drives for Apple Powerbooks & ibooks

ANAHEIM, Calif., July 7 /PRNewswire/ — Trans Intl. today announced the
online availability of two new high capacity 2.5 inch 30 Gb and 20 Gb hard
disk drives for expanding internal storage of Apple Powerbooks G3’s and

With the availability of these new drives Apple Powerbook G3 internal
storage capacity can now be expanded up to 30 Gb and ibooks internal
storage up to 20 Gb, earlier these models was restricted up to 18 Gb and 12
Gb of storage space only.

These new drives has the industry’s highest shock rating of 800 G/1 ms, as
well as the fast Ultra-DMA interface transfer rate of 66 MB/sec. The high
speeds and capacities of these drives help provide higher quality digital
audio and video, superior digital content creation capabilities, and
significantly faster processing for data-intensive multimedia and Internet

Specification and Features

Capacity: 30 Gb /20 Gb [Giga-byte]
Seek time : 12 ms
Spindle Speed: 4200 RPM
Cache buffer: 2 Mb [Megabyte]
Interface: ATA-4 [66 Mb/s]
Warranty : Three Years

30 Gb ….$499
20 Gb ….$359


Trans Intl. is a member of the Apple Developer Group and was founded in
1988. Trans Intl. designs and manufactures innovative and high quality
computer memory and mass storage products. Trans Intl. has a strong
reputation among leading manufacturers, resellers and retailers for
developing, producing and supporting products that anticipate the coming
needs of the ever-changing computer industry. For a complete product
directory and more information about Trans Intl., visit the company’s web
site at

SOURCE Trans Intl.

/CONTACT: Ken Zaidi of Trans Intl., 714-634-1583, or 800-783-2120, fax
/Web site:

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