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Contact: Al Meadows –, Phone: (405) 943-4533 Unites Software Developers and Beta Testers

Fineware Systems announces the launch of, a web site and newsletter that bring together companies looking for beta testers for their software, and individuals interested in participating in beta testing projects.

Beta testing is a crucial phase of the software development cycle that allows a pre-release version of a new program to be tested under real-life conditions by potential users. Until today, it has been a challenge for software developers to find a team of qualified testers with the proper mix of computer skills, hardware, and operating systems to ensure that their new programs have been tested in a wide variety of environments.

For a $300 listing fee, helps companies locate qualified beta testing volunteers. iTestApps will include a description of the company’s beta testing needs in six issues of the twice-monthly iTestApps newsletter which is sent to end-users seeking beta testing opportunities. In addition, the company receives four insertions of its New Product Announcement in the newsletter, once the beta testing has been completed, and the new software released.

iTestApps gives beta testers a chance to look at new software, with leading-edge programming interfaces and techniques, months before it will be available to the general public. The iTestApps newsletter is free for anybody who would like to consider becoming a beta tester. Computer science students will gain valuable insights into the software development process. All beta testers will have the satisfaction of working with the software development team to mold a commercial software package to meet real-world needs. Beta testers are invariably rewarded with free copies of the final programs when they are released.

The biggest and most common beta testing mistake is the release of new programs that have been inadequately tested. The damage to the company’s reputation and market share dwarf the cost of using iTestApps to assemble a team of qualified beta testers.

The iTestApps newsletter listing costs $300 for commercial software developers, less for shareware and freeware developers, and multi-use discounts are available. For more information, including online FAQ’s for both companies looking for testers and individuals who want to become testers, visit, or contact iTestApps’ parent company, Fineware Systems, PO Box 75776, Oklahoma City, OK 73147 USA. Phone: (405) 943-4533. Fax: (405) 942-7819. E-mail:

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