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Chronos Personal and Group Organizer 3.04

PARK CITY, UTAH – June 7, 2000 — Chronos L.C. today announced the release
of Personal Organizer 3.04 and Group Organizer 3.04. These two products are
the official successors to the award-winning Consultant and Office
Consultant personal information managers, respectively.


Personal & Group Organizer 3.0.4 expand their industry-leading Palm
Synchronization features by adding support for the popular DateBk4 program
from Pimlico Software. DateBk4 replaces the standard DateBook application
that comes on every PalmOS device. Unlike the standard program, DateBk4
allows users to enter a category for each appointment they create on their
PalmPilot or Visor.

Only in Personal & Group Organizer 3.0.4 can one find all of these
cutting-edge features:
* Full synchronization of all built-in Palm applications-including the Memo
* The ability to select individual Organizer categories to synchronize.
Users no longer have to transfer EVERYTHING from their desktop software to
their PalmPilot, which cuts down on memory usage.
* The ability to select individual Palm categories to synchronize.
Organizer’s intelligent Palm Wizard will query the PalmPilot prior to
syncing to determine which categories are being used and allow the user to
check off individual categories. Users are not required to transfer
everything from their PalmPilot to their desktop software.
* The ability to synchronize with multiple user accounts. For example, a
husband and wife can each keep a copy of the other’s daily schedule on their
* Comprehensive support for all Palm repeating event types. A repeating
event is never split into multiple individual events.

Another exciting innovation offered by Personal & Group Organizer is the
ability to synchronize a PalmPilot or Visor over the internet. This is a
welcome feature for the travelling executive who wants to stay connected
with the company database.


Group Organizer (the network version of Personal Organizer) is the first
Mac client/server PIM to support native Open Transport networking. Users
may access their calendar, contacts, memos and to-dos over an AppleTalk
network or a TCP/IP network-including the Internet. Group Organizer makes
it easy to collaborate with co-workers.

Personal and Group Organizer 3.0.4 also receive a number of minor
enhancements and bug fixes.


Chronos believes users should have the opportunity to try the software for
free before they purchase. Both products offer a 30 day trial and can be
downloaded at Personal Organizer user licenses can be
purchased for $49.99 each. A CD and printed manual sells for $59.99. Group
Organizer user licenses can be purchased for $99.99 each. A CD and printed
manual is available for $109.99. A free 250 page electronic manual can be
downloaded from the Chronos website.

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