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AMP Radio 1.6.7

June 5th, 2000

AMP Radio 1.6.7 — Speak To The World!

Subband Software, Inc., Renton, Washington — June 5th — Subband Software
today announced AMP Radio 1.6.7, the latest version(free upgrade) of their
popular Internet Radio/MP3 Player. The most important new feature is the

Other features include:

-SDII Audio support
-Information Scroller Speed Control
-Station Stop Timer
-Minor Playlist and Preferences Bugs Fixed

AMP Radio is the only player(and the only application) on the Mac that will
allow users to create their own LIVE audio streams. Setup is fast, and
after the initial setup, turning the station on takes less than 30 seconds!
For more information, read the “Broadcast READ ME”, which has been attached
to the end of this press release.

AMP Radio plays the following file formats: MP3, MP2, SDII, HTTP MPEG
Streams, SHOUTCast Streams, Icecast Streams, AIFF/WAVE, Live Input, IT, XM,
S3M, MTM, MOD, PlaySID, QuickTime Streams and Files(Experimental),
RealAudio Streams and Files(Experimental), CD Audio, .m3u, and MIDI files!

AMP Radio is also the only Shoutcast player on the Mac to show Now Playing
information, letting the user know exactly what he/she is listening to over

For information on AMP Radio, please visit the AMP Radio site at
Shoutcast and Icecast are Internet broadcasting technologies, designed to
allow the average user to create a music stream by broadcasting music
directly from their computers. Any user with a capable program, such as AMP
Radio, can then connect to these “radio stations”.

Subband is a small, privately held corporation based in the state of
Washington, developing the best in audio apps for the Macintosh. AMP Radio
is Subband’s first product, but the employees at Subband were responsible
for the creation of the original MacAMP, as well as heavy development on
MacAMP Lite, and the world-famous PC MP3 player Winamp. For more
information on Subband Software, Inc., please visit

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