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REALbasic Report Writer v 1.0a2

From: “Aaron L. Bratcher” (
Subject: [ANN] REALbasic Report Writer v 1.0a2

The following enhancements have been made since a1:

– page setup information is now properly saved/retrieved
– visual marker for page width is now seen in the designer
– report footers now preview/print
– layout toolbar has been added, buttons are not operative yet.

Please feel free to take a look and give me feedback. I hope to be
releasing a beta by monday or tuesday and releasing the final 1.0 version
late in the week.

You can get it here:

About REALbasic Report Writer 1.0:

– Give any program written in REALBasic 2.1 or higher the ability to
create reports with or without data source (can only preview/print
with data source)

– the end user can edit existing reports if you let them

– end user can preview reports before printing

– store strings with the report (like SQL commands, user options,
etc.) These strings can be printed in the report itself too.

– Works with any database that returns REALbasic’s DATABASECURSOR object

– Report files saved as XML documents.

– Simple functions in field objects. (If you have a request, e-mail me)

– Allow multiple fields into a single field object.
comma delimited puts spaces
semi-colon delimited puts newlines
they can be mixed in the same object

This report writer is designed to be included in your project. It is a set
of objects and graphics that you drag to your project. Download at to see it in action.

Cost is $40 for locked objects. If you don’t like my images, feel free to
replace them. Use of these objects to create a general purpose report
writer application is strictly forbidden. Purchase by the end of July and
get an update to version 2 for free!

Work on version 2 will start upon the final release of version 1.0.
Enhancements will include:

– Multiple columns
– User defined data grouping with aggregate functions.
– All bands except the body band will be optional
– Improved band printing options

Version 3 will include:
– User defined functions
– Direct REALbasic REALDatabase access
– ???

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