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General Edit Lite 1.1


General Edit Lite 1.1 Edits Simple Formats, Performs Hex Searches

Berkeley, CA-April 12, 2000-Quadrivio Corporation announced General Edit
Lite 1.1, an update to the free tool for Mac OS programmers who need to
edit data files. It is based on the commercial version of General Edit.

General Edit Lite allows programmers to:
1) Open and edit disk files as hexadecimal bytes, ASCII characters,
Unicode characters (Roman encoding only), 16-bit decimal integers, or
32-bit decimal integers. Files can be larger than RAM.
2) View and edit the Finder information (FInfo record) for disk files.
3) View RAM.
The new version can search for hex strings.

General Edit Lite requires a Mac OS PowerPC computer. It is available from
Quadrivio’s web site,

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