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Qilan Public Beta

March 20, 2000

CommonGround Softworks, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of
Qilan (public beta), our web data base development system. Qilan is a
native Mac OS X Server application which allows developers to create
dynamic web sites linking SQL data base engines. A knowledge of SQL or code
level programming is not required.

This beta is provided with adaptors to OpenBase and FrontBase SQL databases.

In addition to SQL engines, Qilan provides full access to Helix data using
the Osmosis Gateway. Qilan communicates with the Osmosis Gateway by
TCP/IP, enabling Helix collections to be located anywhere on the Internet.

Qilan can be downloaded by visiting: and following the
download link.

Referenced Database sites:

Phil McNamara
Power Services of NE Inc.
PO Box 687
Middleborough, MA 02346

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