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Tango 2000 for Mac OS

Pervasive Software(r) Ships Tango 2000 for Mac OS

Mac Developers Can Now Develop and Deploy E-Business Applications,
Leveraging Advanced Tango 2000 Capabilities That Speed Time to Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-January 5, 2000-Pervasive Software Inc. (Nasdaq:PVSW), a
leading provider of software that delivers the freedom to create
applications for everyone, everywhere, today announced at the MACWORLD Expo
the availability of the TangoTM 2000 Web development environment for the
Mac OS operating environment. This new release of the award-winning Tango
2000 software enables Macintosh developers to build and deploy e-business
applications and dynamic Web sites in the latest Mac operating environment,
while leveraging Tango 2000’s advanced, visually-oriented development
capabilities to bring applications to market in Internet time.

Today’s announcement underscores Pervasive’s ongoing commitment to the Ma
operating system as a premier Web development and deployment environment
Customer shipments of Tango 2000 for the Mac OS environment commenced in
late December 1999, and Pervasive plans to ship a version of Tango 2000 for
Mac OS X when Apple releases that forthcoming operating environment.

The Tango 2000 for Mac OS development environment includes many powerful
features and components, including full XML integration and Tango Class
Files (TCFs). By providing developers with full XML integration, XML can be
treated as data types inside the Tango application for easier manipulation
of structured data. TCFs also give developers the freedom to write code
once and then reuse the code as an object in future projects. This
efficient capability enables developers to save significant development

“Working in Tango gives me the opportunity to build and deploy applications
that are easy to configure and flexible enough to deploy across numerous
platforms including the Mac OS operating environment,” said Michael Steele,
University of Oklahoma’s production manager and Webmaster for student
affairs. “One thing you learn about Tango right at the outset is that the
product’s full-featured functionality and easy-to-use Tango Class Files can
be reused after the initial development, dramatically reducing the
time-to-market on future projects.”

Steele is currently designing an intranet portal for the University of
Oklahoma’s official Web site. For more information on the Web site, go to

“Tango 2000 for Mac OS takes Mac-based Web development to the cutting edge
and demonstrates that Pervasive is committed to delivering the most
advanced Web development technology on the latest platforms,” said Greg
Hemstreet, Pervasive general manager for the Tango business unit. “With the
proliferation of Web applications in today’s Internet economy, developers
look for the shortest path from e-business concept to full deployment.
Pervasive’s visually oriented Tango 2000 Web development environment gives
developers that crucial time-to-market edge, enabling them to create and
deploy e-business applications more quickly than with other Web development

Pricing and Availability

Tango 2000 for Mac OS is available now. U.S. pricing for the Tango 2000
Development Studio is $495. Application servers are priced separately,
starting at $995 for Macintosh, scaling from the small business edition to
enterprise-class solutions per individual business requirements. To
purchase Tango 2000 for Mac OS or for Windows NT, Linux or Solaris pricing,
please visit the company Web site at or call Pervasive at
(800) 287-4383.

About Tango 2000

Tango 2000 is a next-generation development studio that dramatically
improves the time to market to develop and deploy critical e-business
applications. With Tango 2000, developers can create and deploy the
dynamic, database-driven Web applications today’s customers require-and do
so quickly, cost-effectively and with remarkable flexibility. Because it
combines sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology with an open, extensible
architecture, Tango 2000 provides best-of-breed Web development
capabilities for Webmasters, professional developers and non-professionals

The Tango Development Studio is one of the most efficient visual
programming environments available for designing, building and testing Web
applications. The Tango Application Server enables scalable cross-platform
deployment on today’s most widely used platforms (Macintosh, Windows NT,
Solaris and Linux). Tango 2000 provides support for leading databases and
industry standards, such as ODBC, HTML, XML, SQL, HTTP, CGI, JavaScript,
JavaBeans and COM objects, among others.

About Pervasive Software

Pervasive Software Inc. (Nasdaq:PVSW) delivers the freedom to create
applications for everyone, everywhere. The company’s innovative software
powers the next generation of pervasive computing, enabling e-business
applications to reach beyond the desktop and easily share information
across everything from handheld devices and smart cards to information
appliances and the Internet. A channel of more than 10,000 independent
software vendors (ISVs), developers, value-added resellers (VARs) and
partners builds, distributes and manages thousands of Pervasive-based
applications on computing platforms across many corporate, mainstream and
vertical markets. Based in Austin, Texas, Pervasive has offices in Canada,
Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and 70 distributors covering 80 countries.
Visit Pervasive on the Web at or call (800) 287-4383.

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