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[NPL] iLiner: A Modern Outline Processor

(Nov 29, 1999) – Mercury Software today announced iLiner, a modern outline
processor, sporting a bevy of Apple’s latest technologies.

iLiner is the first commercial product to support summarization across all
applications using a system-wide contextual menu architecture (both
Netscape 4.x and Explorer 4.x are supported).

By fully supporting QuickTime 4.0, iLiner exports outlines directly to
QuickTime 4.0 slide presentations , imports QuickTime 4.0 video streams in
addition to over 20 different graphic file formats.

iLiner uses AppleWorks XTND import/export architecture to drive outlines to
other popular file formats such as MS Word.

“We wanted to arm a traditional outline processor , says Mercury CTO Ian
Shortreed, with the newest Apple technologies in order to reach back and
bring more experienced Mac users forward, yet at the same time, fill a gap
in productivity offerings for new Mac users”.

iLiner is available from either Mercury’s web site at
( at $49.00 or at Nisus Software

A fully functional 14 day trial version is posted on both sites.

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