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[NPL] MoniSwitchUSB

For Immediate Release

Dr. Bott MoniSwitchUSB Now Shipping
Portland, OR – November 22, 1999

Dr. Bott LLC announces that MoniSwitchUSB is now shipping.

Dr. Bott has taken their experience with the original ADB MoniSwitch and
created MoniSwitchUSB. MoniSwitchUSB is a Mac friendly KVM (keyboard,
video, and mouse) switch that allows the use of a monitor and USB
peripherals with multiple USB capable computers including Macs and PCs.
* Support for both Mac & PC monitors.
* Looks and works great with new G4s!
* Available for 2 or 4 computers.
* Includes all necessary USB and super premium video cables!
* PCI Kit available for beige Macs.
* Lighted LED indicates selected computer at a glance.
* Compatible with Windows 98, Mac OS and other operating systems that
support USB.
* iMoniSwitchUSB allows use of iMac built-in monitor, keyboard and mouse
with up to 3 other Macs or PCs.

MoniSwitch2USB retails for $139, MoniSwitch4USB retails for $199. A PCI
compatibility kit is available with the purchase of a MoniSwitch for an
additional $40 that includes a USB PCI card and DB15 video cable.

About Dr. Bott LLC:
Dr. Bott LLC of Portland, Oregon (, is a
manufacturer and distributor or Macintosh peripherals dedicated to serving
resellers, VARs, and individuals with third party Macintosh products that
provide real solutions for real problems.

For Reseller pricing, Dr. Bott LLC can be reached at (503) 452-8101 or by
fax at (503) 892-2475. For further information check the Dr. Bott web site
Dr. Bott LLC
Eric Prentice, CEO

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