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[NPL] Server Sitter 1.0b1

Server Sitter can perform regular checks of your servers and perform
various actions upon discovering that one is not responding. Server Sitter
can email you or your pager. Server Sitter can launch any AppleScript,
application or document upon failure and can also restart any socket of any
connected powerkey unit.

Server Sitter currently supports checking the following server types:
* Web Servers. (server sitter can also send post form arguments
and validate the server return to check for proper functioning
or CGI applications)
* AppleShare IP Servers
* DNS Servers
* Filemaker Pro Servers
* FTP Servers
* Hotline Servers
* IMAP Servers
* LDAP Servers
* News Servers
* POP3 Servers
* QuickTime Streaming Servers
* SMTP Servers
* Telnet Servers

Server Sitter features web based administration. You can check on the
status of your servers, control the powerkeys attached to your system
and run any of the scripts in your scripts folder from anywhere.

Server Sitter requires at least a 68030 Mac running 7.5.5 or later with
OpenTransport, but a PPC and 7.6 or later is recommended. Server Sitter is
fully OS9 compatible and will be carbon compatible by the time Apple ships
OSX Client.

Server Sitter is currently in public beta testing. To download the beta
please visit the server sitter home page at:
Thank you,
James Sentman

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