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[NPL] Vicomsoft’s Enhanced DHCP Server with Remote Admin Module

Vicomsoft Announces Enhanced DHCP Server with Remote Administration Module

Vicomsoft, a market leader in providing advanced communications servers for
TCP/IP networking and Internet connectivity announces the immediate
availability of version 6.5 of their DHCP Servers for both Windows 95/98/NT
and for MacOS 7/8/9.

This enhanced DHCP server now offers remote administration as an option,
allowing administrators to manage the server from anywhere on the LAN or
remotely over the Internet. For security, access to remote administration
uses encrypted password protection and additionally may be limited to
computers on the same LAN as the server, or to specified IP addresses, and
can be disabled when not required.

Additional features of the Vicomsoft DHCP Server include:

– Easy to install, use and maintain.
– No specialized certification or training required.
– Available in versions for both Windows 95, 98, NT and for MacOS.
– Can be run as a background service on Windows NT.
– Supports netboot clients.
– Serves up to 1,024 unique LAN client configurations.
– Industrial strength reliability and uptime.
– Serves TCP/IP configurations to Windows, MacOS, UNIX and other TCP/IP
compliant platforms.
– Serves multiple physical subnets.
– Low specification hardware requirements.
– TCP/IP configuration lease time of up to 32,767 minutes (about 22 days).
– Available for purchase and delivery online.
– Costs only $95.

More information and a trial copy of the Vicomsoft DHCP Server are
available at:

Those interested in learning more about DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol) functionality and technical issues, should refer to the extensive
introduction and explanation of the subject in the Vicomsoft DHCP
KnowledgeShare document at:

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