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[NPL] QuickTime DICOM import component

Escape Information Services is pleased to announce that its QuickTime
DICOM import component is now available for public beta testing.

The new importer works with QuickTime 3 and 4 on both Mac and
Windows, and lets QuickTime-savvy applications import medical images
that conform to the DICOM standard. DICOM files are being produced by
all major radiology systems, such as CT and NMR imagers.

The product currently supports a wide subset of the DICOM standard, such as:
– single and multiple image files
– compressed (lossy & lossless JPEG; RLE) and uncompressed
– indexed and direct, monochrome and RGB, 8 & 16 bit pixel depth

Multiple-image DICOM files are automatically converted to QuickTime movies.

Future versions will provide API access to DICOM metadata. We are
confident that our DICOM/QuickTime integration will catalyze
synergies between the two standards, and will eventually be
appreciated by both end-users and developers of healthcare

Pricing and licensing will be set upon final release.

For more information, technical specifications and download
locations, please visit: (

Anthony J. Patrinos, PhD
DICOM Project Manager
Email: (
Website: (

Escape Information Services, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is the
maker of QPix and QMedia, the multimedia plug-ins for 4th Dimension.

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