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[NPL] VSE Be Found 1.2 and two new expansion kits

For Immediate Release

Mac search engine submitter now improved and bundled

(Koblenz, Germany, 16 June 1999). German Macintosh shareware
developer Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) has released VSE Be Found
1.2 and two new expansion kits for the program.

VSE Be Found is the first Macintosh application that automatically
submits a web page to the most popular search engines. It is also a
META tag manager that allows control of all META tags of a web site
with an easy-to-use interface.

The new version makes it much easier to submit web sites and it now
supports web proxy servers. The update also fixes several bugs and
offers many minor improvements.

The new US-Plus expansion kit adds 10 new US search engines to VSE Be
Found and the new FR-Basic expansion kit adds 10 new French search

Further information about the application can be found at


VSE Be Found expansion kits extend the number of search engines to
which VSE Be Found submits. Currently, following expansion kits are

– US-Extended (10 US search engines)
– US-Plus (10 US search engines)
– DE-Basic (10 German search engines)
– DE-Extended (10 German search engines)
– UK-Basic (10 British search engines)
– FR-Basic (10 French search engines)


The application comes in two editions. The Professional edition
contains all the features of the Standard edition but it also allows
to create an unlimited number of submit profiles.

Multiple submit profiles are needed for submitting more than one web
page and for submitting web pages for clients.


VSE Be Found Standard: $ 19.95 US
VSE Be Found Professional: $ 49.95 US
Expansion Kits: each $ 9.95 US
VSE Be Found Complete: $ 99.95 US

The VSE Be Found Complete bundle includes VSE Be Found Professional
and all expansion kits. The price for an expansion kit includes free
updates if a search engine changes its submit specification.

You can order all products at


The new version of VSE Be Found can be downloaded at

The unregistered shareware version does not allow saving, and it only
submits to AltaVista. You can include it free of charge on cover
CD-ROM’s of computer magazines.


Established in 1997, Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) is one of the
biggest Macintosh shareware developers.

VSE develops easy to use Internet releated software, such as the
award-winning tools VSE HTML Turbo and VSE Animation Maker.

Further information can be found at


Johannes Selbach, PR Manager


Fax: ++49 (0) 89 66617 66002 (Germany)
++1 (561) 423-0457 (USA)

Mail: Voget Selbach Enterprises
Koenigsberger Strasse 28
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach


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