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[NPL] Public Access Software acquires sLog from Catara Software

Catara Software, former publisher of sLog System Monitoring and
Logging software and MiniCalendar.

Public Access Software is committed to furthering development of
these innovative products and will begin with minor updates to
rebrand the software as well as address any outstanding issues in the
coming weeks.

Public Access Software is now solely responsible for the support and
distribution of sLog and MiniCalendar and asks that all email be
directed to the following addresses:

* General info, comments or questions: (
* Support issues, bug or conflict reporting: (
* Sales, licensing questions: (

In addition sLog and MiniCalendar are being distributed via the
Public Access Software web site:

sLog: (
MiniCalendar: (

All existing customer’s purchases will be honored by Public Access
Software as well as new users who purchase either product after June
7, 1999.

Thank you.

-Tim “My sig is in my OTHER email client” Mityok
Public Access Software

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