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[NPL] Freebees

Wilmington, DE June 3, 1999.

Highwinds Trading Company ( is pleased to
introduce FreeBees(tm), a suite of freeware security tools for
Macintosh based cryptographers who work in apple-scriptable
environments. The Freebees suite performs the indispensable tasks of:
* “Hashing” (creating a one-way hash of any text)
* “Hexing” (translating text to/from its hexadecimal equivalent).

The hashing routine in FreeBees is based on the “SHA-1” algorithim,
the choice of many of today’s most widely used security systems.
Hashing produces a “fingerprint” of any text. Use it for verifying
passwords or for creating digital signatures. The hexing routine
converts ascii strings which include potentially unprintable
characters into hexadecimal strings. Use it for transporting binary
characters via email.

FreeBees is one in a series of software products for both developer
and consumer which concentrate on the functional area of security. It
is available via FTP at and as an email
attachment via email autoresponder at

Wilmington, DE USA Technology for Email and Security

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