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[MD1] EnScrypt

Wilmington DE June 3, 1999

Highwinds Trading Company ( is pleased to
introduce EnScrypt(tm), an encryption utility for Macintosh based
scripting environments. EnScrypt is one in a series of software
products for both the developer and the consumer which concentrate on
the functional area of security.

What Is EnScrypt?

It is sophisticated software to do encryption. Built as a “Scripting
Addition”, EnScrypt is an indispensable tool for software developers,
script writers and anyone needing to provide encryption security on
the Macintosh platform. Encryption is provided for EnScrypt by the
“Blowfish” algorithim. “Blowfish” is one of several very secure and
well-known symmetric encryption algorithims.

EnScrypt (Lite): Freeware. This is a demo version of EnScrypt which
is restricted in the power of its encryption, but its 24 bits of
encryption power make it satisfactory for many security purposes. It
is available via FTP at, and as an email
attachment via autoresponder at

EnScrypt (Custom): This is a proprietary version of EnScrypt only for
Macintosh developers. It uses strong encryption (56 bits and higher),
and is released only with customized access codes. Proprietary
versions can be developed for anyone subject to export restrictions.
Prices for licencing available upon request.
More information: mailto://
Wilmington, DE USA Technology for Email and Security

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