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[NPL] Vicomsoft Provides WWDC Connectivity

Vicomsoft Provides LAN to Internet Connectivity at WWDC

Vicomsoft’s popular Internet Gateway software router is again being
used at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week for
LAN to Internet connectivity. WWDC attendees will be able to use
networked computers connected through the Internet Gateway to browse
the Web and retrieve their e-mail.

Vicomsoft are the first to deliver an integrated web caching server
and software router for MacOS. Their Internet Gateway and SoftRouter
product family offers NAT Internet connection sharing, a powerful
DHCP server, a DNS caching server for speeding up Internet host
location, a Remote Access Server, content filtering, access controls
and firewall protection.

At WWDC, Apple’s annual developers’ conference, over one hundred
sessions will deliver the latest on everything from Mac OS X and
Carbon through to the upcoming AltiVec. Prestigious “AppleMasters”
Sinbad, Herbie Hancock, Paul Davis, and John Knoll will speak on
Monday May 10. The keynote speech will be delivered by Steve Jobs,
CEO of Apple.

For more information on Vicomsoft Internet Gateway see:

For more information on WWDC see:


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