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[NPL] Visual MacStandardBasic 4.0

New Product Release Information

ZCurve Software
Indianapolis, IN

Visual MacStandardBasic 4.0 Released

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 28th, 1999 : ZCurve Software has announced
that Visual MacStandardBasic 4.0 has been released and that Macintosh
users can get their own copy of the standard edition for just $29.95.

Visual MacStandardBasic 4.0 uses and extends BASIC’s easy to learn
format to utilize the power of the Macintosh. It is easy for users to
integrate sound, speech, color graphics, sprite animation, and movies
into their applications.

A new Developer Edition was also announced. Visual MacStandardBasic
Developer Edition includes the C source that allows programmers to
easily customize and extend the language. The Developer Version has a
retail price of $ 99.
Users can purchase and download the complete Visual MacStandardBasic
4.0 package from the ZCurve Software web site (
Macintosh users anywhere in the world can get Visual MacStandardBasic
4.0 within minutes over the Internet.

Visual MacStandardBasic 4.0 is also available from DevDepot.
DevDepot is a leader in providing software products to
Macintosh users around the world.

Visual MacStandardBasic 4.0 is can be used with Apple’s iMac, Power
Macintosh compatible computers, and older Macintosh models.

For more information about Visual MacStandardBasic visit the ZCurve
Software web site at:



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