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[NPL] Vicomsoft: QuickTime 4 Streaming Support

First NAT Software Router with Transparent Support for QuickTime 4
Streaming Media

Vicomsoft announces the first NAT routing software to fully support
QuickTime 4 RTP/RTSP standards-based streaming media. Internet
Gateway and SoftRouter 6 deliver QuickTime 4 streaming media to
multiple clients on a LAN without any complex proxy configurations.
Multiple LAN users can now access video feeds through a NAT router as
they would any web site.

Vicomsoft engineers have been working closely with the Apple
QuickTime development team to ensure that NAT routing products would
be available with support for QuickTime 4 streaming media
capabilities, on both MacOS and Windows platforms. Vicomsoft Internet
Gateway and SoftRouter fully comply with RFC 2326 and RFC 1889.

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