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[NPL] Syslogd 2.0

From: Brian Bergstrand (
Subject: [ANNC] Syslogd v2.0 final release

Syslogd 2.0 has the following new features:

Syslog network send and receive over UDP port 514
Host filtering
Finder shutdown/restart events are trapped and logged
Repeated messages are handled like the UNIX version
Log any facility.priority combination to multiple logs
Console logging (through the Finder)
Unlimited number of logs
A verbose logging option
Enhanced AppleScript support over v1.x
AppleShare IP 6.x logging
Supports the MARK facility

Version 2.0 also supports the v1.x feature that allows local Mac
applications to use the Syslog faciltiy.

The PPC and 68K(FAT) release can be downloaded at: This link also
contains complete support information for Syslogd 2.0, including full
Help documentation.
Make sure to read the included Release Notes for important release information.

Syslogd is $20 Honorware.

Honorware is the same concept as Shareware (meaning there is still a
minimal fee required to continue using the software), but unlike
Shareware, there are no annoying reminders or disabled features.
Thank you,
Brian Bergstrand

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