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[NPL] PDG Shopping Cart 1.50

From: Rafe Smith (
Subject: PDG Shopping Cart 1.50 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of PDG Shopping Cart Version
1.50. In keeping with our development initiatives announced in
November 1998, this is the second in a series of updates and
enhancements to PDG Shopping Cart.

Already known for its ease of use and flexibility, version 1.50 of
the Cart upholds our commitment to the development of Internet
commerce tools that help on-line merchants emulate a traditional,
in-store shopping environment. What’s new in version 1.50? Feedback
from merchants and Web developers generated a lot of new ideas and
enhancements that we tied into our overall plans for 1.50. Consider:
* Affiliate tracking
* Customization of layout and display of cart information
* Integration of four additional Internet payment services
* Ability to copy options from one product to another reducing product
input time
* Unique SKU numbers for options making inventory tracking more
* Soft goods download links dynamically generated for the sale of
downloadable products
* Packing specifications for UPS
* Ability to specify that an option is charged for only once,
regardless of the quantity ordered for a particular product.
* New Administrator front page

Of course, those are only the highlights. If you are a merchant
currently using PDG Shopping Cart, we invite you to upgrade to 1.50
at no charge. If you are new to Internet commerce altogether or are
currently using another shopping cart, give us opportunity to show
you why our solution is right for you. We offer a free 30 day
evaluation of our cart. We’ll even install it for you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rafe Smith
Director of Sales
PDG Software, Inc.
We make it easy for you to take other people’s money.

For technical support, please direct inquiries to

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