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[NPL] iMac Reset Buttons


VIENNA, VA – April 6, 1999 – Macs Only! announced today that iMac
Buttons(tm) are now shipping outside Japan. Available exclusively
from Macs Only!, iMac Buttons(tm) press both the restart and
programmer’s switches on all iMac models.

Tired of straightening paper clips or pulling your iMac’s power plug
after a crash or freeze to restart it? Then don’t! Use iMac
Buttons(tm) instead!

What is (are?) iMac Buttons?

iMac Buttons, imported from Japan, has two functions: it presses the
iMac’s restart switch after a freeze or crash and it presses the
programmers switch when the iMac’s firmware needs updating. Two
essential buttons in one simple device for all iMacs (Rev.a-c). iMac
Buttons (a.k.a. OST Switch) is precision-crafted in Japan from
high-strength polycarbonate, the same tough material used for the
iMac’s case.


Installation is very simple. Just peel off the adhesive strip’s
backing and stick the iMac Buttons to the plate in the iMac’s ports

How much?

Only US$8.75 Plus US$1.25 (US & Canada) Shipping & Handling (US$2.25
Other Americas & Europe) Virginia residents add sales tax of $0.40.

Where do I get iMac Buttons?

Visit the iMac Buttons(tm) web site at
( and send your check or money
order only, not cash, payable in US$ to:
Macs Only!
P.O. Box 215
Vienna, VA 22183

fax: 703-242-6653

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