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[NPL] Soundz 1.0

Soundz(sm) is an application for Mac OS 8.5 to create/modify sound
sets to be used with Appearance. It comes with a few sample sounds
and you can record your own right from within Soundz itself.

This is donationware. There are no restrictions on its usage. If you
would like to pay me, you can use the included Register program to
send payments to Kagi. This will allow me to at least cover my
development costs on programming tools! As this is my first program
that I am releasing to the public I would very much like all your
feedback. You can enter your remarks in the guestbook on my site.

Requires Mac OS 8.5 or later Availability: Contact:

About CrossRoads Solutions:

CrossRoads Solutions is a company dedicated to the creation of
innovative software for the Macintosh.

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