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[NPL] SurfJet Agent 1.1


LONG ISLAND, NY March 30, 1999 – Leptonic Systems Inc. has released
version 1.1 of SurfJet Agent, the first Internet search assistant for
the Macintosh that can actually learn from your feedback to improve
its performance.

Version 1.1 integrates Apple’s ‘Sherlock’ technology, allowing it to
access all the search sites that Sherlock can. Since SurfJet Agent
uses the search site files directly, it works even on older systems
that don’t have Sherlock installed.

SurfJet Agent differs from other search engine front ends by using
the engines merely to find starting points for its search. It
fetches, reads and intelligently follows links in the web pages,
evaluating them in light of your interests. As you browse the
results, you can correct the Agent’s evaluation of your interest by
moving a simple slider. The Agent can learn from this, adjust your
interest profile, and improve its future evaluations.

Features of SurfJet Agent:

* Organizes your interests
* Calls upon multiple search engines
* Predicts interest by reading the web page itself
* Works automatically in the background
* Learns from your feedback

* Compatible with Mac OS 7.5 and above
* Works on 68K and PowerPC Macs
* Optimized for PowerPC and Mac OS 8.5

Pricing and Availability:

SurfJet Agent has a suggested retail price of US$49.95. It is
available for purchase and immediate download through
Updates from all previous versions are free and immediately
available. See the web site for details.

Web site: (

For more information, visit the web site or contact:

Michael O’Connor
Leptonic Systems Inc.
Fax: (516) 424-5857

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