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[MD1] Valentina 1.1.1 update

Update Valentina 1.1.1 fixes the next bugs:
a) “security bug” like in Microsoft Word 98
(files of database contain information of deleted disk files);
b) fixed crash when a selection of more than 300’000
records is sorted.

About Valentina:

Valentina is a database engine which works hundreds and sometimes a
thousand times as fast as others MacOS DBMS (4th Dimension, FileMaker
Pro, NeoAccess), see benchmarks at (
In particular: indexing 100-200 times faster;
searching 100-500+ times faster;
sorting )1000 times faster.

1) It takes Valentina 68k on the Macintosh LC/68020
31 seconds to perform the particular search.
2) It takes FileMaker PPC on the G3/233
71 seconds to perform the same test.
3) It takes Valentina PPC on the G3/233
about 0.4 of second to performs the same test.

Valentina is available for Apple Script lovers,
as scriptable standalone application.

– up to 65’000 Tables in the database;
– up to 65’000 fields per Table;
– types of fields: bool, byte, short, ushort,
long, ulong, string, date, time, BLOB, ObjectPtr
– up to 4 billions records per Table;
– up to 4 GB size of the database file
+ up to 4 GB indexes + up to 4 GB BLOB-data.
– multi-field range search;
– multi-field sort;
– multiple selections per Table;
– cascade deleting;
– import/export from/to ASCII file;
– PPC and 68K versions are available.

US $49, free upgrade to the 1.x versions.
Royalty free.

Ruslan Zasukhin,
Kherson, Ukraine.

Web :

Kherson, Ukraine.


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