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[MD1] CWCVS 2.0

CWCVS 2.0 Press Release

Electric Fish, Inc. announces the release of CWCVS 2.0, a shareware
version control plugin for Metrowerks CodeWarrior, which allows you
to use the public domain CVS client MacCVS for version control
without leaving the CodeWarrior IDE.

CVS is a widely used POSIX-based version control system and CVS
clients are available on many platforms, including the Macintosh,
making it a reasonable choice for multiple platform development.
CWCVS allows Macintosh developers to use CVS with CodeWarrior without
arcane command line arguments or scripts.

Version 2.0 features include:

Conversion to the latest CodeWarrior API;
Advanced dialogs for most commands;
Recursive command versions for Difference, History and Status;
rtag support in the Label command;
Default to -kb for adding non-text files
Automatic login upon connect;
Automatic directory creation on Add;
Watchers support;
New default options preferences panel;
Various bug fixes;

CWCVS also comes with CWProjector, a Projector version control plugin.

CWCVS is available now at:

Electric Fish, Inc. is a software company based in Seattle, Washington.

For more information, contact Richard Wesley,

– rmgw

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