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[NPL] T-Minus Ten 2.1

MK Software announces T-Minus Ten 2.1

New version adds more scheduling options.

AUSTIN, Texas–February 21, 1999–MK Software, Inc. today announced
the availability of T-Minus Ten 2.1, its premier task automation
utility. T-Minus Ten 2.1 adds new features and fixes bugs.


T-Minus Ten lets users turn frequently-used or repetitive actions
into tasks that can be automatically run by a schedule, launched by a
keystroke or hot spot on the screen, or put into action when your
computer becomes idle.

Using T-Minus Ten, you can create hot keys and hot spots to drive
applications, scripts and documents. The handy timer function puts
your Macintosh on auto-pilot during off-hours, running back-up
scripts, creating customizable sets of file launches and more.
Anything that can be scripted with AppleScript or opened by the
Finder can be turned into an automated task.


– You can now create schedules of the type “Every X minutes/hours/days/weeks”.

– You can now schedule a task to run at any whole minute, not just at
5 minute intervals.

– Individual tasks now have an Activity Log tab in their setup window.

– Reduced the amount of CPU time used by T-Minus Ten, especially when idle.

– Fixed shut down conflict with Retrospect.


T-Minus Ten 2.1 is available immediately from MK Software and can be
downloaded by visiting MK Software’s web site at T-Minus Ten is shareware
priced at US$20.

Mark Krenek
Web Site:

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