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[NPL] Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.1


Name: Mac OS Runtime for Java

Version: 2.1

Released: February 13, 1999

A Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor; System 7.6.1 or later;
24 megabytes (MB) of RAM. For better performance, 32 MB of RAM is
recommended, with virtual memory turned on and set to at least 33 MB.
Installing more than 32 MB of RAM will greatly improve performance
and increase the number of Java applets and applications that can run
simultaneously; At least 20 MB of free disk space; Open Transport 1.1
or later; improved performance if you have QuickTime 3.0 installed.
QuickTime 3.0 is installed with Mac OS 8.5, or you can download it at

Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1 is Apples implementation of the
Java Virtual Machine (JVM), based on Sun Microsystems Java 1.1.6
specification. MRJ allows you to run Java applications and applets.
(Running applets also requires a Web browser, such as Microsoft
Internet Explorer, or an applet viewer such as the Apple Applet

MRJ 2.1 makes many improvements over Apples previous JVM, including
greatly increased performance, improved reliability, and support for
AppleScript and Suns JFC/Swing. MRJ 2.1 also runs more applications
and applets than earlier versions.

For the latest developments in Java for the Macintosh, see Apples
Java Web site at

This software consists of a self-mounting Disk Copy compressed image
(.smi) file. Download this software to your hard drive and then
double-click it to use it.

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