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[NPL] DataWave 4.0

Foresight Solutions, Inc. Releases DataWave 4.0

February 4, 1999 — East Lansing, Michigan USA — Foresight
Solutions, Inc. is now shipping DataWave 4.0, a
Macintosh/Windows-compatible tool that allows you to publish your
database on the Web without any custom coding.

Some of DataWave 4.0 features include:
– Allows you to publish database on the Web directly or using an
existing Web server
– View, add, modify and delete 4D records from a Web browser
– Provides password protected Web access to your database
– Web pages created have a new, polished look
– Allows you to edit the HTML headers and footers of all HTML pages
– HTML Editor lets you easily customize placement of 4D navigation
controls on Web pages
– Table Editor can customize the appearance of HTML tables with the
click of your mouse

This unique product for Macintosh and Windows builds HTML-tagged Web
pages on-the-fly. DataWave can serve the HTML pages directly, or work
in unison with most popular Windows and Macintosh Web servers.
DataWave 4.0 prices are:
– DataWave 4.0 $154.00
– Upgrading from DataWave 2.0 (or earlier) $154.00
– Upgrading from DataWave 3.0
– Purchased before September 15, 1998 $ 55.00
– Purchased after September 15, 1998 Free

A demo of DataWave 4.0 is available at
( For more information
contact Foresight Solutions at 1-888-763-8321, ext. 27 or check out
the web at

Foresight Solutions, Inc. corporate headquarters are located in East
Lansing, Michigan with sales and support offices in San Francisco and
Huntington Beach, California; Telluride, Colorado; Albuquerque, New
Mexico; Fort Worth, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii.
Media Contact: Lena Loeffler
Public Relations & Marketing Specialist
Foresight Solutions, Inc.
(517) 333-0307, ext. 19

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