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[NPL] Maxum Bundles IPNetRouter with WebDoubler Proxy

Maxum Development to Bundle IPNetRouter with WebDoubler Proxy

February 1, 1999. Maxum Development today announced that WebDoubler,
the company’s Web Proxy Server for Mac OS, now offers LAN managers a
complete network connectivity solution. IPNetRouter, from Sustainable
Softworks, is now included free with WebDoubler, and provides
software routing for IP networks.

IPNetRouter runs alongside WebDoubler on the same Macintosh. The
package adds IP routing between multiple network interfaces,
including ethernet and dialup connections. IPNetRouter also supports
Network Address Translation, allowing private IP networks to access
the public Internet. IPNetRouter features multihoming, multinoding
and packet filtering capabilities.

WebDoubler is Maxum’s high-performance Web proxy server for Mac OS.
Targeted at classrooms and workgroups, WebDoubler accelerates Web
surfing and provides advanced content-filtering for computers on LANs
connected to the Internet. WebDoubler accelerates surfing through RAM
and disk-based caching, utilizing proprietary StreamSharing ™
technology. For content filtering, WebDoubler fully implements the
industry standard PICS rating system, providing administrators with a
wide array of filtering options.

The bundle creates a complete solution for Macintosh LAN
administrators that need to connect school or business networks to
the Internet. The combination of WebDoubler and IPNetRouter delivers
full connectivity, as well as advanced Web caching and content
filtering for LAN clients of any platform.

The bundle is retroactive, and all existing WebDoubler customers will
receive a copy of IPNetRouter at no cost.

Press Contact: Steven Isakson
Phone: 630-830-1113

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