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[MD1] UUIDLib Version 1.0

Press Release – UUIDLib Version 1.0 Released
For Immediate Release

Glendale, California, January 25, 1998 — The PandaWave is pleased to
announce the release of UUIDLib, a shared library for generating
Universal Unique Identifiers.

What is UUIDLib?

UUIDLib addresses the problem of generating Universally Unique
Identifiers, identifiers which are guaranteed to be unique across all
platforms throughout the world. UUIDLib uses the algorithm used in
the OSF DCE package for generating unique identifiers, 128-bit
identifiers which are guaranteed to be unique.

Unique identifiers are generated by combining the Ethernet ‘MAC’
address of a system with the current time measured in 100 nano-
second intervals. These identifies may be used as unique identifiers
for component-based software, as transaction identifiers or as
identifiers for E-mail messages or news postings. These unique
identifiers may also be used anywhere else where a unique ‘message
stamp’ needs to be generated.

Complete source kit for the UUIDLib (a PowerPC/CFM68K shared library)
is included, along with documentation and demonstration code.

The package is released as ‘freeware’ and may be downloaded
immediately from

About The PandaWave

The PandaWave provides commercial and shareware software for both the
Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, with the goal of providing
developers state of the art cross-platform tools to assist with their
software development efforts.

Current products of The PandaWave include BugLink, a cross-platform
bug tracking environment, and YAAF, a free C++ framework for
developing cross-platform applications.

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