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[NPL] BoardRoom 1.0 For FileMaker Pro Networks

Advanced Database Systems is proud to introduce The BoardRoom, a
full-featured instant messaging system for FileMaker Pro networks.

Similar to ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger, this messaging system
provides an immediate online communication environment for any office
network, without requiring any type of Internet connection. The
BoardRoom’s Instant Messaging is faster than email and provides
message history and logging, automatic “new message” notification,
time/date stamping of all deliveries and receipts, and broadcast
messaging. Unlike ICQ and AOL, The BoardRoom also features quoted
text in replies and a comprehensive spell checker. This is the
instant inter-office LAN communications tool for every desk with a PC
or Mac.

The BoardRoom supports any number of users (up to 100 online
simultaneously under FileMaker Pro Server 3.x) and runs on any
FileMaker Pro capable network, which includes TCP/IP, Novell IPX,
IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk. The BoardRoom will also function in WAN
configurations and the Internet, with speed depending on the type of
network connection. It is an ideal solution for office or corporate
networks that are already running FileMaker and prefer not to add
additional software. It also preserves speed because it does not
require competing software or services on your FileMaker server.

You are invited to use The BoardRoom free for up to 200 messages.
Unlimited site licenses are available for $79. It can be freely
downloaded now from

Advanced Database Systems is a leader in the design and development
of custom business solutions. For more information about the
BoardRoom you can send email to (

FileMaker Pro Server, available from FileMaker, Inc.
( at a suggested retail price of $899, offers
enhanced database file sharing for faster multi-user performance over
workgroup computing networks. FileMaker Pro Server will support up to
100 concurrent licensed FileMaker Pro users via a choice of protocols
simultaneously, while delivering substantial performance improvements.
Steve Murray, General Manager

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