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[NPL] SiteZAP cameras running at MacWorld Expo

MacWorld Expo Greetings,

BeeHive Technology and Rearden Technology are pleased to announce that we
have two SiteZAP cameras running at MacWorld Expo. Throughout the show,
we will be broadcasting live video from MacWorld Booth #4143.

SiteZAP is a user controllable pan, tilt, zoom internet camera that works
with your WebSTAR internet server. SiteZAP uses our SiteCam WebCamera
software that streams video directly to your Netscape or Internet
Explorer browser–without the need for you to download browser plug-ins.
(SiteCam works with most Macs with video-input and has powerful features
for dial-up as well as direct internet connected users.)

The SiteZAP cameras are located here, till the end of the show.

( SiteZAP running on a PowerBook G3!
( SiteZAP running on a PowerMac 9500

Our web site will also contain the above links and we’ll post
highlights of the show.


The new versions of SiteZAP and SiteCam will be on sale at the
show–selling for the lowest prices ever!

The BeeHive online store will also have many show specials available
to those who are not able to attend in person.
Brad Lowe
Rearden Technology

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