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[NPL] PageGate


Wireless Messaging Software Company Releases Full Feature Network Paging
Gateway for Mobile Phones and Alphanumeric Pagers

HANOVER, MA – December 2, 1998 — NotePage, Inc. announced today a new
release of PageGate. PageGate is an innovative, flexible, modular paging
engine that allows for text messaging to wireless messaging devices.
Messages can be sent via any one or combination of four different
interfaces providing users an enormous amount of versatility.

The email interface allows for email notification to be sent to numeric
pagers, or for email messages to be sent to alphanumeric pagers or digital

The web interface generates personal internet or intranet web pages and
allows for paging from CGI script boxes.

Network monitoring and commandline paging are possible by using NotePage’s
commandline/ascii interface.

The final interface is a graphical user interfaces that incorporates
preprogrammed messages, group paging, scheduled messages and on-call paging
into an easy to use network paging application.

PageGate can support a large volume of users and supports multiple dialers.
PageGate is priced aggressively and sold by pager license and is ideal for
any size business. Additional information and evaluation copies may be
found at

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