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[NPL] FileMaker Pro Programming Mailing List


FileMaker Pro Programming Mailing List Provides Developer Level
Peer-to-Peer Support.

A long term freeware developer of FileMaker Pro support utilities created a
moderated, low traffic mailing list for people of various programming
experience to share their knowledge.

Since it’s intial creation in early July, it has acquired a list of over
100 programmers who use FileMaker Pro.

This mailing list is meant primarily as a learning tool for writing code
for use with FileMaker Pro. The primary focus is writing in C for the
purpose of External Function Plug-in creation, but may include other things
like using AppleScript with FileMaker Pro.

This list is for any level of programming experience, and filters out
anything not related to programming and FMP. You won’t be getting any
emails of someone hocking their new product.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe:

The list is handled by a professional third-party mailing list service
named “Listbot” ( Subscription can be handled via their
web site at:

The list archive can be accessed at:

David McKee

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