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[NPL] Web Confidential 1.1

PR – Web Confidential 1.1

Where do you keep your confidential data?

Like most people these days, you’ve probably got a growing number of user
IDs, passwords, registration keys, PINs, serial numbers, and the like,
stored in various places on your Mac or scribbled on miscellaneous pieces
of paper around your home or office. When you stop and think about it, you
probably have more of these pesky bits of information scattered about than
you realize.

Now there is a software program to manage passwords and the like: it is
called Web Confidential. It uses an intuitive, easy-to-use card file
metaphor which will enable even novice users to get up to speed in no time.
Power users will find a large number of options to enable them to configure
Web Confidential to meet their specific needs.

Web Confidential offers 448-bit encryption.

Web Confidential 1.1 is Mac OS 8.5-savvy and is available in English and

Web Confidential is $25 shareware.

Web Confidential 1.0.2 is available in German and French. Updates to 1.1
will soon be available.

Please download from: (

Contact: (

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