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[NPL] MiniCalendar 2.1

MiniCalendar 2.1 PR


Catara(tm) Software Releases MiniCalendar 2.1

Contact: Steven Marcotte

Lawrence, KS October 24, 1998 Catara(tm) Software today announced the
release of MiniCalendar 2.1, an update of their popular calendar program.

What is MiniCalendar 2.1?

MiniCalendar is a small and elegant system calendar. Its main goal is to
provide the user with a basic calendar for any month between January 1582
and December 29940.

MiniCalendar is not designed to replace full function date books, rather it
is designed to complement such programs. Programs such as Claris Organizer
or Now Up-To-Date excel at managing appointments and dates, but are clumsy
when it comes to looking up what day your birthday is going to fall on next
year. MiniCalendar fills this niche nicely. Since MiniCalendar is small and
easy enough to use, you will want to leave it running so you will always
have access to a calendar.

As you’d expect from Catara, MiniCalendar is robust, 100% PowerPC native,
easy to use, and efficient. For $5 shareware, it makes a nice addition to
MacOS 8.x.

System Requirements

* Mac or PowerMac * Color Quickdraw * System 7 or MacOS 8.0 * 2MB Free Disk
Space * 2MB Free Memory

Where to get it?

MiniCalendar 2.1 is available trough the info-mac archive or
You may also download it from our “Monster Download Page.” at

About Catara Software

Catara Software has been producing quality Macintosh software since 1996,
including the popular utility “MiniCalendar”. For more information about
Catara Software or its products, visit the Catara web site at
( or send email to (

Steven Marcotte

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