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[MD1] CodeWarrior Discover Programming for Mac OS

CodeWarrior Discover Programming for Mac OS Release 4

Discover for Mac R4 is scheduled to be released on Monday, Octover 19th.
This release of Discover for Mac is based on Pro 4 (IDE v3.2) and runs
native 68k and PowerPC based operating systems. However, it only generates
68k code only. This 68k code will run and can be debugged on PowerPC(r)
sustem in 68k emulation. Functionality of Discover for Mac 4 will be
basically same as Pro 4’s, except the Discover product is for Mac OS and
generates 68k code.

New features for this release are

* CodeWarrior IDE Version 3.2 the same IDE as used on CodeWarrior
Professional release 4

* New C/C++ Language Features and new improved version of Metowerks
Standard Libraries

* 68K Compiler New easy-to-use interface to control the optimization levels
for compilation

* Java Compilers & Tools
– Class Wrangler for Mac OS Add text viewer window and class
disassembly window
– Metrowerks Java in the Mac OS adds better support for Apple MRJ 2.0
– New Java Post-Linker for Mac OS to create JBindery double-clickable
Mac OS applications

*On-line Documentation provides
– More “How do I…” subjects
– Easier navigation with improved viewers

Registered users receive free technical support, available through email,
Web, online services, or phone.

For more information visit the Metrowerks Web site (

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