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[NPL] DNS Expert 1.2 from Men & Mice Released

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DNS Expert 1.2 from Men & Mice Released:

DNS Problem-solving for ISPs and DNS Administrators Greatly Extended with
Intranet Compatibility and Other Enhancements

Reykjavik, Iceland October 8/– Men & Mice today released version 1.2 of
DNS Expert and DNS Expert Lite with enhancements that allow ISPs and
corporate DNS administrators to enjoy more functionality and flexibility in
DNS analysis and problem-solving using DNS Expert.

DNS Expert now allows for testing of Intranet domains, where administrators
can use their own customized root servers for domain checking. “Many
corporations have their own domain structure isolated from the Internet,
most often through the use of a firewall,” says Sigurdur Ragnarsson, DNS
Expert product manager. “Those Intranet domains use their own customized
root servers. DNS Expert 1.2 allows users to specify their own root
servers, providing the ability to analyze domains on Intranets.” DNS Expert
already has the ability to provide complete analysis and problem-solving
for Internet domains and analyse DNS records on all server platforms. Other
usability enhancements have also been made to add further to the
flexibility of DNS Expert.

DNS Expert and DNS Expert Lite 1.2 for Mac OS and Windows 95/98/NT are
available from Men & Mice for $295 and $99, respectively. The upgrade is
free for current users of DNS Expert and DNS Expert Lite. Demo versions of
DNS Expert and DNS Expert Lite 1.2 can be downloaded at:

On top of your IP infrastructure?

Of Men & Mice

Men & Mice, headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, is committed to
development of new innovative DNS and Internet related software for Windows
and Mac OS. Men & Mice can be reached via the Internet at, via email at, or phone at
+354 520 5300 (Intl).

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