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[MD1] Shareware News mailing list

New shareware for the macintosh mailing list:

The purpose of Shareware news list is to provide information and help about
shareware for the Macintosh.

You can read the latest news about shareware releases, talk to shareware
authors, and keep in touch with other precious info about shareware for
both shareware authors and users.

By addressing these issues in an open public forum, ShareTheMac UsersGroup
can get the most information out to the most people. We are also happy to
receive your letters, squish your bugs, and register your membership on a
personal level.

Shareware news list web site is at:

To subscibe to Shareware news list send a message to:

and place in the body of the message the following command: subscribe

S h a r e T h e M a c U s e r s G r o u p
The Shareware for the Macintosh UsersGroup

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