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[MD1] MacCVSClient 1.3.8

This is to announce the public release of

MacCVSClient 1.3.8

MacCVSClient 1.3.8 is a free CVS client running on MacOS 7.? (you need
threads!) and later. It has got MacOS look and feel and some handy features
to view logs, diffs, and resolve conflicts. You can find out more about it

The package (MacCVSClient-1.3.8.sit.bin, approx. 1.7 MB) consists of:

– 3 executables: PPC, 604 optimized, and 68K
– Documentation in HTML (downloadable separately as
– CodeWarrior Pro 3 project file
– full set of sources and resources

Learn more about MacCVSClient here: (download from here)

The PPC and 604 versions of MacCVSClient 1.3.8 need the appearance manager.
The 68K version also runs without it. From 1.3.9 on, PPC and 604 will run
without appearance manager as well.

Jrg Bullmann

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