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[NPL] Lazarus Keeps Mac Servers Running


Kernel Productions’ Lazarus Keeps Mac Servers Running

Newark, DE – May 29, 1998 – Today, Kernel Productions, Inc. announced the
release of Lazarus, a hardware/software product that offers crash
protection for MacOS-based servers.

Lazarus is an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) device that connects to a MacOS
computer and will automatically restart it if the computer crashes. It does
this by interrupting the power to the computer, and automatically
restarting it after the computer has shut down.

The Lazarus software also offers the ability to automatically restart the
computer at user-defined intervals, monitor key applications to make sure
they stay alive, and output a crash log in HTML format for easy tracking of
the computer’s crash activity.

Lazarus is designed to be easy to install and use. It is targeted at
keeping web, ftp, AppleShare, and other servers vital to business
operations up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lazarus differs from competing products in that it is not sensitive to ADB
itself crashing, since Lazarus will cycle the power if the ADB bus stops
operating correctly or if the computer crashes.

Lazarus is available now from Kernel Productions for $99.95. Further
information about Lazarus is available at Kernel Productions’ web site:

Brian Flaherty
Kernel Productions, Inc.
24 Kensington Lane
Newark, DE 19713
Tel: (302) 456-3026
Fax: (302) 456-3124

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