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[MD1] Get your hands on iMac

From Apple Developer Relations…

So how would you like to get your hands on an iMac? Attendees at next
week’s 1998 Worldwide Developers Conference will be among the first to have
that opportunity.

Oh, by the way, on Thursday night at 8:00, we guarantee one of the biggest
television screens you’ve ever seen. And of course, the pizza is on us.

See you at the WWDC. Register onsite beginning Sunday, May 10.


In addition, Apple and MacTech are cosponsoring yet another Developer
Central at WWDC. Once again, you’ll be able to get a hands on look at some
of the best developer tools in the industry — and talk to the people
behind them.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s Interim CEO, will outline Apple’s software strategy
during his opening keynote at Apple’s 1998 WWDC. The five-day developer
conference will cover all aspects of Apple’s technology and business,
including Mac OS, Rhapsody, QuickTime, ColorSync, AppleScript, WebObjects,
marketing initiatives and future hardware directions.

WWDC runs from May 11-15 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose,
California. Developers worldwide can register for the conference at

Hotel space in the area around the San Jose Convention Center is reportedly
approaching a point where it will be tougher to get reservations. So, if
you are interested in attending WWDC, now is the time to sign up. You can
do this at which will take you
right to the Apple web site signup page.

If you register now, the price is $1,045. After TODAY (May 8) and on-site,
the price goes up to $1,395.

We hope to see you at WWDC. If you have a moment, come and stop by the
MacTech station in Developer Central(tm).

– MacTech Magazine

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