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[MD1] Vendor Announces Support for MkLinux


MIAMI, FL &emdash April 30, 1998 — Users of MkLinux, Apple Computer,
Inc.’s version of the Linux operating system, now have someone to turn to
for help. Al Guerra Enterprises, Inc. has announced the immediate
availability of two service plans for users of this powerful OS running on
Apple’s PowerPC-based Macintoshes. For as little as $99, the year-long
service plans provide assistance with problems related to installation,
configuration, and use of the sophisticated OS. “Before, new users were
forced to look up the information they needed and decipher the techie
jargon it was written in,” explains Al Guerra, President. “Now, rather than
avoid MkLinux because they’ve heard it’s complex and user-hostile, they can
embrace it, knowing we’re available to respond to their concerns.”

Both service plans provide for a year of help with the setup, maintenance
and use of the MkLinux operating system. The Silver Plan, for $99, gives
users an email-based support center, where they can expect responses within
a day. With the Gold Plan, at $199, users can get live support from an
MkLinux specialist, via the phone or the Internet Relay Chat system.

Press Contact:
Al Guerra
Al Guerra Enterprises, Inc.
(305) 264-4199

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